Refuge Chambers for Tunnel

MineARC Systems is the global leader in controlled environments and safety technologies for the underground miningtunnellingchemical processingdisaster relief and biotechnology industries. They specialise in the manufacture and supply of emergency refuge chambers, safe havens, disaster shelters and grow chambers, as well as a range of remote monitoring, tracking and communications technologies that allow full integration in heavy industrial applications.

With 20 years’ experience in the field, their dedication to ongoing research and development has kept them at the forefront of controlled environment and safe refuge technology. MineARC Refuge Chambers have been used successfully around the world in multiple mining and tunnelling emergencies to save lives.

MineARC specialises in the manufacture and supply of safety solutions for the tunnelling industry including civil engineering companies and tunnelling contractors.

As members of the International Tunnelling Association, they have engineered a series of refuge chambers that fully comply with the ITA ‘Guidelines for the Provision of Refuge Chambers in Tunnels Under Construction’.