Tunnelling Blocked & Mobile Electrical Substation

The electrical mobile  substations our  “ TBS “ series have been designed in order to satisfy the requirements relative to

an environment where the working conditions are particularly heavy  and with space very reduced as for example

Tunnels , Mines , Querries  , Shafts … etc.

UMS – Underground Modular Substation

Always imitated, never equaled, the UMS series represents the pinnacle of SCAE’s experience, research and development and has been specifically designed and built to meet the needs of transformation and distribution of energy (MV/LV) in particular harsh work environments, as massive presence of dust, humidity, significant temperature and pressure excursions (as the main consequence of the Drill & Blast excavations) and with limited installation and transport spaces: its flexibility allows it to be fitted into the most varied conditions of use.

SCAE, after having worked successfully for several years in the field of design and manufacturing, has evolved into an industrial organization, establishing itself in a short time both on the national market and abroad, thanks to its consolidated experience, its specialization, and constant research activity, development and technical update.