Probably the best Solution Provider to the global construction & Tunnelling Projects

Our areas of expertise

Tunnel & Microtunnel

We have been involved in the tunneling industry for the last 25 years, supplying high quality materials and equipments for all type of projects.

Global Construction

We offer builders and contractors with top quality supplies for all construction phases including pre-construction, construction and finishing.

Civil Engeenering

We carry materials and equipments for a wide range of civil engineering and infrastructure applications that meet quality standards.

Why choose us?

25 years of experience

Our  Professional Team has more than 25 years working experience across SEA, Middle East and Europe.

Global Presence

We have offices in France, Singapore, Malaysia and Qatar for us to cover both European and Asian projects.

Strong partnerships

We are proud to represent leading brands in the construction and tunneling industry.

High quality supply

We offer top quality underground materials and equipments to always meet customers expectations.

Turnkey Support

We assist your team during the whole process from pre-engineering phase to final delivery.

Competitive Pricing

We aim to provide the best technical and economical solutions for our customers’s projects.

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